Where’s your accent from?

I have a Canadian dad and an Aussie mum, so I lived in Canada until I was nearly 13. Thus, I have an awkward hybrid accent that’s very strongly Canadian but also flavoured with Australian colloquialisms and inflection.

Where do I know you from?

If we didn’t meet at a party (I was the socially-awkward one dancing with the household pets), you’ve probably seen my facebits on the telly. Everyone claims they’ve never watched Neighbours in their life because they’re much too posh and highbrow, so maybe it was a kids’ show or TV advertisement for same that introduced you to my stunning features.

Where were you born? INDIA!? What? Why? That’s silly!

My mumsy and papa worked for their respective governments (Aussie and Canuckian) during the 80s and were on postings in India when they met, got married and had me. I only lived there for a couple of months but apparently people there thought my tiny, white, hairless little babyface was hilarious. They also commiserated my parents for bearing an inferior girl-child. Sorry, mum and dad!

Is it hard being so awesome?

…You’re right. No one asks that. Good pickup. You’re a sharp one.

How old are you?

I was born 13 February 1985, so you can do the scary math part.

Are you married?

Yep! Got hitched in March 2011 to the lovely and flatulent Amos Phillips.

Why did you stop acting?

Long story short, I wasn’t confident enough and didn’t like being in an industry that furthered the culture of giving high kudos to people who aren’t doing anything to better society/humanity.

You were The Gay on Neighbours! What was it like playing a lesbian?

Same as playing a straight person, for me. If you’re acting, you often have to pretend to be attracted to someone you’re not. The idea of kissing a female actor didn’t gross me out or anything so I didn’t have any issues with it.

The main thing that stood out for me about the acting part (as opposed to the subsequent publicity) was that Stephanie Mcintosh, the actress I was playing opposite, wasn’t as comfortable with the storyline as I was. She was completely thrilled that the subject was being tackled of course, but was taken aback by the fact that her character would be questioning her own sexuality. It was sprung on her very suddenly I think: I was the one who told her that our characters would be kissing. I totally understand her position: I knew I was playing a gay character and signed up for it, she didn’t. It did make it a little hard sometimes though because I had to play a character who was in love with Steph’s while trying to respect Steph’s personal boundaries and being aware that she wasn’t always entirely comfortable with the scenes. That said, she was always really lovely to me and tackled the storyline with everything she had.

Are you ever going to act again?

Nope! I’ve done the odd thing for friends, but even that’s a stretch for my comfort level.

What’s your real hair colour?

Blonde. Even my eyebrows. Without makeup, I look like a whitewashed Hitler youth.


5 responses to “F.A.Q.

  • Sky

    I was reading your story and I am really touched by how you handeled it and ended up as the person you now are. I don’t even know you but I am going tjrough the same thing you did. It amazes me how you can act (ELIZABETH YOU GO GIIRL!! ;D) and how you seem to be a humble, nice, confident person. I just wanted to say Hii and I wish the best for you and your husband. Hugs from New Zealand – Sky Taylor

  • RMunn

    Did you know Alistah Laishkochav? Yes he is definitely no-longer.

  • Marcelo Sanches

    Hey, hello. How are you doing ? I don’t really know why I searched for that ‘wicked science’ on google this night but, the fact is, I read your story. Every line on it. I was so chocked, but it was not because of what happened to you or something like that. I was chocked to know how you managed to not let it show through your acting ! Really, that was amazing ! Sometimes we don’t realise what kind of things someone is having to deal with. But, even I not knowing you (besides the acting), I certainly RESPECT you. I don’t want you to feel awkward or something like that but, that made me sure you are more special that I could ever imagine.
    I’m sorry if I said too much :/ but, have a nice day 🙂

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