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Permanent misunderstanding

Just a quick, quiet little post. People who say, “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”? You might mean well but the point of depression is that is NOT temporary. It always comes back, for some people. It’s a chronic, cyclic illness. If you think it’s “temporary”, you don’t get it. Please stop with the well-meaning-but-ill-informed platitudes.

Depression isn’t a bad day. If you think it is, I am so so happy for you to have never experienced it but please. Condolences and sympathy to sufferers and their families, not judgement or pithy quotes. Ta.


Birthday comic

Birthday comic

Cartwheel comic

Cartwheel comic

Dating comic

Dating comic


This is my life

This conversation happened about an hour ago.

Amos: I stepped in dog poo today. It went through my toes.

Me: …You were in bare feet?

Amos: Yeah. Then it happened again. A bunch of times. (sad face)

Me: Why were you in bare feet cleaning up dog poo? Why didn’t you put shoes on AFTER STEPPING IN POOP?

Amos: It’s easier to clean poo off feet than get it out of the bottoms of shoes.

Me: Have you at least, um, had a shower?

Amos: Yeah. Well, I cleaned my feet in the sink.

Me: What?

Amos: I used laundry powder.

Me: Why???

Amos: Because it was the only thing I could reach. My feet were already in the sink.

Me: You are not a great forward-planner.

Amos: No. (sad face)

I Don’t Drive

Hello! I wrote an article for Bon Vivant, a comedy website run by the splendid Ben Vernel. It’s about how and why I shun automobiles, bicycles (even penny-farthings) and skis. Here it be:

I Don’t Drive by Bridget Neval

(via Bon Vivant, 7 December 2011)