About Me

Batman and A-Team fan, ex-actor who quit to pursue real life, animal lover, Canadian and Australian citizen with a silly accent, hobbyist writer and occasional thinker of things.


15 responses to “About Me

  • Amy Rossling

    huge fan 🙂 my bf and I found wicked science on youtube. I’m a big fan of those types of shows. You did an amazing job. You’re a very talented actress, and are strikingly lovely 🙂 Thank you for the hours of entertainment. enjoy your retirement 🙂

  • joseph

    I love you neval I really do.
    I cannot stop watching your old shows.
    I’m sure that you would be famous all around the world if you were still acting.
    I wish you the best.
    But can I know why did yiu quit acting ,please?

  • Torben

    I like you. I think, you are the best actor. Better as Julia Robberts or so. And sorry, I dont speak English well.

  • William

    silly accent? no, it’s kind of cute..
    Greetings from a huge fan from Holland.

  • Simon

    Hi Bridget,
    I’m a big fan of you’re work. I saw you on Neighbours and recently discovered Wicked Science which are awesome. I have had no luck tracking down Guinevere Jones. I was wondering if you have a copy of the series or any episodes you could upload or share? Love to see this. Thank you.

  • Robert

    Hi Bridget,
    I recently found Wicked Science on Hulu Plus and must say that I absolutely loved the series. You were a great actress and I wish you the best in whatever you decide to pursue from here.

  • Damien C

    Hi Bridget

    I got bored and started googling old Ramsay St characters, I have to say how refreshing it was to visit your page and discover it to not be plastered with giant photos and walls of text spewing shit about yourself like 99% of the others. Good on you for branching out and doing other things with your life too. I liked your blog. I wish you the best from down under.


  • Or

    Bridget you are a really beatiful woman/actress, i think you should think about being a model after your retirment, from israel with love 😀

  • Or

    im sure you will be great model think about that, you are really beatiful and you deserve to be a succesfull model! hope you will be a model its will be great

  • rose

    wooww…. from childhood by favorite shows were wicked science and drake and josh, recently when I’m 18 i was just going through my fav. shows and i saw Wicked Science , i felt like watching it as I forgot many of them…. and to say truely im in luv wid dis show rite now….. 😛
    BTW- Do you have any contact with toby and d oder charecters… 😀


  • Abd

    I just wanna thank you a lot cause you inspired me to make many pretty things,
    & thank you again , cause you have this website which help to communicate with you
    You did very good job
    Best regard :*

  • Alexander

    Good morning, Bridget.
    Sorry for my bad English. English is not my native language.

    Recently i have finished to watch both seasons of “Wicked science”.
    You play your role very sincerely, and i even cried with you at
    episode 13 season 2. I read you are married, so i am happy that in real
    life you don’t suffer from unrequited love.
    Somebody on your site compared you with Julia Roberts, but i think
    it’s wrong to compare different talented people. Your gestures and facial
    expression was amazing and met the situation. I hope you will change your
    decision and will back to cinema. I think you may achieve new peaks.
    Do you keep in touch with Andre de Vanny and other participants of
    “Wicked Science”? If you communicate with Jonathan M. Shiff, tell him,
    please, he is great and talented producer. His films give people (not
    only children) the
    joy of life and stimulate them to visit Australia as tourists.
    Which town do you live now?

    I wish you and your husband much health, good luck and new achievements.

  • Richard


    Just writing to give you the not very exciting news that I’ve written a ‘Wicked Science’ script-type thing and posted it on fanfiction.net (since I don’t know anywhere better to post it).
    Obviously I realise that people who were actually involved in making things like television shows will have a vastly different perspective about them than people who write fan fiction, so I wouldn’t presume to suggest you read it. I’m merely mentioning the fact that it exists, in case you have some kind of residual curiosity for such things.
    I would try to reassure you that the script is harmless and largely canonical, but since I’ve effectively just cold called you over the internet, any credibility I might otherwise have had is pretty much in tatters.
    Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing. Yours is one of the cooler corners of the internet.


    • Alexander

      Hi, if you mean this text https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4082835/1/What-they-Didn-t-See it’s very exactly. I think almost everybody have the same opinion about hidden sides of Elizabeth’s character and Verity’s character. Verity can’t live without Elizabeth, and Elizabeth can’t be soft with Verity. The history with photo where Elizabeth and Verity are together is amazing. People may meet such a devouted friend as Verity very rarely.

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