Permanent misunderstanding

Just a quick, quiet little post. People who say, “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”? You might mean well but the point of depression is that is NOT temporary. It always comes back, for some people. It’s a chronic, cyclic illness. If you think it’s “temporary”, you don’t get it. Please stop with the well-meaning-but-ill-informed platitudes.

Depression isn’t a bad day. If you think it is, I am so so happy for you to have never experienced it but please. Condolences and sympathy to sufferers and their families, not judgement or pithy quotes. Ta.


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Ex-actor who quit the biz, Batman and A-team fan, animal lover, on-and-off sufferer of depression and eating disorders, Canadian and Australian citizen (silly accent), hobbyist writer and occasional thinker of things. View all posts by bridgetneval

One response to “Permanent misunderstanding

  • Andi

    Hey so this is a really oddly timed comment on a fairly old (yet completely on point) post, but I wanted to contact you to say thanks.

    When I was just a wee little tomboy awkwardly growing up in 2004, I assumed that because I had never had any interest in guys that I would not have romantic love or the thrill of attraction in my life. I was slowly cottoning on to the fact that I was more interested in my very female best friend, but had never considered that I could be gay, because I had never had a gay relationship in my life to know that there is a different type of love out there.

    Then one day watching Neighbours the cool new Canadian girl kissed Sky and everything in my life clicked into place. Watching that storyline, the classic “don’t fall for the straight girl” story, my very slow brain realised I wasn’t alone in this feeling. I slowly started to reach out and read and watch stories I had never known existed and was relating to characters in a way I never had before.

    The perfect timing of the plot also acted as a barometer to see the reactions of the people around me to the idea of girls being in love. It let me know it was safe to come out, that the girls at school and my family at home didn’t mind.

    I’m still a bit sad Lana never got her happy ending on the show but the story allowed me to have mine. I’m out to the world, have been for 10 years, living with my girlfriend currently snoring next to me, who earlier listened to my epiphany remembering how big a role that story and stories like Lana’s had on me, and probably that of many many others.

    So thanks for playing your part so very well and helping a 15 year old feel a lot less alone in the world.

    TL;DR cheers for the gay

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