This is my life

This conversation happened about an hour ago.

Amos: I stepped in dog poo today. It went through my toes.

Me: …You were in bare feet?

Amos: Yeah. Then it happened again. A bunch of times. (sad face)

Me: Why were you in bare feet cleaning up dog poo? Why didn’t you put shoes on AFTER STEPPING IN POOP?

Amos: It’s easier to clean poo off feet than get it out of the bottoms of shoes.

Me: Have you at least, um, had a shower?

Amos: Yeah. Well, I cleaned my feet in the sink.

Me: What?

Amos: I used laundry powder.

Me: Why???

Amos: Because it was the only thing I could reach. My feet were already in the sink.

Me: You are not a great forward-planner.

Amos: No. (sad face)


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Ex-actor who quit the biz, Batman and A-team fan, animal lover, on-and-off sufferer of depression and eating disorders, Canadian and Australian citizen (silly accent), hobbyist writer and occasional thinker of things. View all posts by bridgetneval

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