TBA Podcast: TV, film, role models and the 80s


Check out the new episode of TBA, featuring tenacious Tess Armstrong, burlesquey Ben Vernel and my fine self in the place of absent Andy Balloch.

We talked about the magic box in our living room where the tiny people live, and whether those tiny people are appropriate role models.

I also shoe-horned in ways to talk about The A-Team and my dog.

Moisten your earholes with it here: http://bon-vivant.com.au/TBA/?p=140&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook


EDIT: Also! I was neglecty and remissful to not mention the lovely AJ Howard by name when talking about my amazing Murdock-from-the-A-Team jacket. Check out her work here: http://nescartfanatic.deviantart.com/


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Ex-actor who quit the biz, Batman and A-team fan, animal lover, on-and-off sufferer of depression and eating disorders, Canadian and Australian citizen (silly accent), hobbyist writer and occasional thinker of things. View all posts by bridgetneval

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